Where would we be without appliances? These nifty gadgets make life easier, cut down so much of our time getting our food ready in the morning, and their addition to the kitchen adds an aesthetically pleasing touch.

Some appliances are more functional, especially if you want a functional kitchen, while some can bring all forms of convenience for you in your kitchen.

No kitchen, big or small, should not be without these 10 small appliances:

1. The Vortex

This appliance is a staple in many homes and can be found in and outside the kitchen. Over the years, the coffee maker has gotten more sophisticated and refined and has now begun to do more than just grind and make coffee.

With Pacifica’s The Vortex, you can make more than just coffee with this extremely quiet machine. Coffee now takes 6 minutes to prepare, and you can make different types of beverages from soy milk to fruit juice. With its multipurpose function, having The Vortex helps you with more than just getting the best cup of coffee in the morning.

2. PWN5 Legato Oven

The oven is sometimes called the heart of the kitchen as a good oven can last you a long time and help you make the most delicious cake, yummy roasts, and delectable pastries.

Pacifica’s PWN5 Legato is the perfect oven for any homes with its perfect form and function. It’s practical, easy to use, and even easier to clean with its body made of stainless steel and glass. The PWN5 Legato comes with a defrost setting, child-safety lock, and multi-stage cooking.

3. AMG6 Kitchen Hood And IVC2I Kitchen Hob

We know how tiring it can get to clean your hood after every time you cook, and if you miss a day, the grime and dust are ruthless! With Pacifica’s AutoClean hoods, you’ll spend less time cleaning your hood and more time with your family.

The AMG6 Kitchen Hob is a wall-mounted umbrella range hood with an AutoClean feature that extracts dust and filters them with a Baffle filter system. While the IVC21 Kitchen Hob comes with a sense-touch control panel and an easy to clean flat surface made of Schott Ceran glass finish with a child lock function.

4. The Forge

Here at Pacifica, we believe that cooking delicious and nutritious gourmet meals for your loved ones should be effortless and as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Introducing The Forge, revolutionary and award-winning cookware that comes with Superior Steam Extraction Technology, which allows for a 360° cooking effect within vacuum-sealed, stainless steel, uncoated, and non-stick pot.

It is extremely flexible and you can choose to steam or stew your food by just choosing your inner pot!

5. PTW10 Raphael Wine Cellar

The Malaysian heat doesn’t offer much help in keeping your wine chilled and the refrigerator can over time spoil your wine. With Pacifica’s ProConnoiseur electric wine cellar, we make sure that the most important factors of storing wine are met:

Maintaining the optimal storage temperature according to your preference in ageing the wine
Maintaining optimal storage humidity (preferable medium-high humidity at 60% – 75%)
Avoiding direct exposure to strong light sources
Storing bottles in a horizontal orientation

The PTW10 Raphael Wine Cellar can store 12 Bordeaux bottles, has a multi-layered full glass frame door with a mirror-glass-tinted UV protection layer, and most importantly, environmentally-friendly, with no CFC-based coolants. It is also energy-efficient and has low power consumption.


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