Extreme Silence with Independent Suspension Muting System.

THE VORTEX comes equipped with an Independent Suspension Muting System that results in an extremely quiet machine. Turn it on and expect nothing more than the sound of a boiling electric kettle.

Relish in the luxury of sleeping in while breakfast prepares itself.

With 30-minute up to 24-hour preset settings built in to THE VORTES, you no longer have to wake up extra early to enjoy a healthy and  nutritious breakfast in the comfort of your own home.

Meet you family’s new health purveyor.
Fall in love with THE VORTEX.

Auto-Clean Function
Independent Suspension Muting System
Micro-Fine Texture
Multipurpose Function
Double-Track Heating
5-Minute Setting
14-Minute Setting

Instant with THE VORTEX means cutting down time...not steps.

From raw soy beans to 300ml of smooth and nutritions soy milk, all it takes is 14 minutes. Getting a refreshing glass of soy milk has never been this quick, or this easy.

Auto Clean Function

4 Step Auto-Clean Function

For a cleaner wash than humanly possible.

Multipurpose Function

Hot water and warm water.

Available anytime with THE VORTEX.

Your personal drinking water dispenser for instant hot and warm water whenever you need it, thanks to THE VORTEX and its Double-Track Heating System.

Double-Track Heating

Experience revolutionary stereoscopic surround heating for more nutritious and delicious results.

Cooking temperature affects nutrition. This is why the double-track heating technology of THE VORTEX is designed to heat up its contents whilst retaining nutrition and maximising flavour.

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