Stewed White Fungus with Snow Pear

The Forge

Ingredients A :-

  • Pear, wedges cut 400g
  • White fungus 15g
  • Almond cutting 15g
  • Water 1000ml

Ingredients B : –

  • Rock Candy 300g
  • Goji 50g


Method :-

  1. Soaked almond cutting for 15 minutes.
  2. Soaked white fungus by using hot water for 15 minutes and cut in pieces.
  3. Remove pear peel and cut wedges.
  4. Put all ingredients A into inner pot and close it.
  5. Select “Soup” for 2 hours, then press “Start / Cancel”.
  6. 40 minutes after cooking, press “Soup” to pause and all in ingredients B.
  7. Place inner pot back to machine, and press “Start / Cancel”.

*Optional to put into fridge and eat in cold!


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