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Shrimp Egg Salad

The Forge

Ingredients A :-

  • Shrimp, remove shelf 140g
  • Eggs 3


Ingredients B :-

  • Baby spinach 50g
  • Tomato cherry, cut in half 80g
  • Onion, shredded 30g
  • Carrot, shredded 60g
  • Blueberry 30g
  • Avocado, cut in cubes 150g

Ingredients C :

  • Black pepper 1 tsp
  • Dry mix herb 1 tsp


Method :-

  1. Place ingredients A on steam stray in inner pot.
  2. Select “Steam” for 7 minutes and press “Start / Cancel”.
  3. Remove egg shelf and cut into half.
  4. Arrange all ingredients B on plate.
  5. Serve with ingredients C for seasoning!

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