Pacifica, The Vortex
Pacifica, The Vortex
Pacifica, The Vortex
Pacifica, The Vortex
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The Vortex

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Model No.: DJ10R-K1 S-MY
Colour: Dark Brown
Net Weight: 7.2kg
Size: 412 x 360 x 165 (mm)
Machine Power: 220~240W
Heating Power: 1,800W
Rotating Speed: 25,000 (rotation/min)
Capacity: 300ml / 500ml / 800ml / 1,000ml


Enjoy delicious, healthy goodness in the comfort of your own home minus the hassle of prepping, cooking and washing up.

  1. Auto-clean function to save you time.
  2. Cook raw beans without soaking or long preparation time.
  3. Fresh, homemade soy milk ready in just 11 minutes.
  4. Delicious mushroom soup ready in 16 minutes.

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Weight8 kg


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