Hood VX7 & Hob IVC2i Package

RM4,204.00 RM1,280.00

VX7 Galador
Extraction Power : 1,500 m³/h
Colour : Stainless Steel
System Type : Ventilation / Recycle

IVC2i Solaris Duo
Size : 70cm Built-in Ceramic Hob
Power rating: 3,000W
Glass : SCHOTT CERAN® glass

**1 Year Warranty
**Limit to first 100 units only

VX7 Galador

  • ONE-touch Heat Auto-Clean
  • Euro Modern Design
  • Instant Distance with X-booster Suction
  • Bigger air chamber for better extraction
  • 90 degree open automatically smoke deflector
  • Energy saving LED light
  • 90cm stainless steel oil removal cup
  • Include stainless steel vent cap + 7.5 inch (6ft) ducting included


IVC2i Solaris Duo

  • SCHOTT CERAN® glass
  • 2 burners with E.G.O. heating element
  • Sense touch control
  • 9-stage power setting
  • 2-digit display
  • Child safety lock


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