Pacifica Kitchen Hood - The revolutionary AutoClean™ System

Pacifica understands the needs of Malaysian to have the right appliance for your kitchen not only makes cooking enjoyable, it also helps make cleaning up after a breeze. That is why we developed the revolutionary AutoClean™ system. Pacifica cooking hood, the first of its kind in the market, Pacifica’s innovative AutoClean™ cooker hoods offer you the convenience of cleaning at the more touch of a button. So easy and so effortless, it entirely eliminates the need for cleaning and reinstalling messy filters altogether. Revolutionise your kitchen and simplify your life with AutoClean™ today.

Multi-Angle Rotary Jet Technology

High-pressure water jets spray cleaning fluid directly into the motor turbine from multiple directions, resulting in large clean zones and no missed angles. A kitchen hood that give you piece of mind in every aspect.

Superb 360° Suction Power

Equipped with a motor turbine that powerfully draws in grease, smoke and vapour with less resistance so your home stays clean and odour-free. The best kitchen hoods for Malaysian cooking style.

Baffle Filter

Our kitchen hood is highly durable, baffle filters made from multiple curved stainless steel panels catch moisture, oil and grease particles. The captured residue then drips into grease collection cups behind the kitchen hood for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Stainless Steel Collection Cups

Pacifica kitchen hood come with extra large stainless steel cups that contain more oil are equipped with a viewing window for easy checking of residual oil level so you’ll know when cleaning is necessary.

Digital Touch Panel

A clean, simple design that is easy for Malaysian to operate. Pacifica kitchen hood also comes equipped with handy delay timer and one-touch AutoClean™ function.

Dual LED Light

Bright and energy-saving LED lights provide illumination in your cooking zone and give a warm and cosy ambience to complete your kitchen. The best kitchen hood in Malaysia.

Negative ION Function

Remove formaldehyde, soot and odour with Negative ION purification function that works to improve the quality of air in your kitchen and protect your family’s health. Not just ordinary kitchen hood, we care for each of our Malaysian customer.

Wide-Range Smoke Control Technology

Well-designed with superb precision, the smoke cavity of Pacifica Kitchen Hood is thoughtfully fitted with a 90cm-wide smoke chamber, as well as suction panels angled at 30° for better smoke control and less wind resistance.

Traditional Cooker Hood

Use of direct suction and straight-up airflow. Smoke and grease are sucked upwards toward the smoke cavity.


AutoClean™ Cooker Hood

A wider and deeper suction area creates negative pressure zones that direct smoke, odour and vapour toward the centre, reducing the escape of unwanted air.

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